How do you get a light/glow effect?

Does anyone know how to get a glowing or light affect into your levels? For instance, if you have a lantern in a dark part of your level. How do you make it look like it’s lighting up part of the space? Is there a technique other than light mapping? I’ve attached a picture that illustrates what I mean. I don’t believe this was created using light maps. TIA


if i’m reading this right, all you should need to do is add a completely white material to the thing you want to glow, make it shadeless, then search up on the forums for a user named “martinsh”
he has some great 2d filters, one of them is a Bloom effect, which is great for showing light sources!

Here you go,
the blend is temporarily unavailable. but he got it working

Kind of like that but more like this picture. This was done in blender by someone. I don’t know how. Can this effect be done in the game engine?


Use a texture to affect the material’s emit value. Bright parts will create the “glow”, dark parts will leave the material dark. See this blend for an example:

To get the soft glow around bright parts use a bloom filter.

Sweet!! Thanks Lamoot! This is GOLD! Do you know of any good examples of using a bloom filter for the glow effect?

You posted such an example yourself :wink:

I think that I am doing this wrong. I can’t seem to get the glow to work in the game engine. I used composite nodes to make the glow effect and it doesn’t seem to render either? Where am I going wrong?


Where am I going wrong?
You are using composite nodes, they don’t work in the game engine. Go to and find a blendfile with the bloom script and get it to run during the game engine (logic panels).