How do you get good at Blender?

I have practiced, practiced, watched tons of VTMs and read tutorials I can’t seem to be able to follow any of them…I don’t think Ill ever be good at blender or 3d modelling in general. :frowning:

It takes more time than you’re giving it. Don’t give up, just keep going.

It’s better if you have a project you want to work on (just doing tutorials bores me out of my mind). As you work on it you’ll come across things you need to learn. Learn and keep going.

The first projects you do probably won’t be professional grade. But the more you work with it the better you get.

Also, these forums are just for the help you need in tough spots. When you get to a point where you think you need help on one or more things, post in the WIP forum and ask for help. You’ll get a lot of useful information tailored just for you.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

thnks BTW how do u save a rendered pic…with blender that is. I put in the directory I want it to go and its not showing up after i render do you kno what the prob with it is? please help

Blender does not attach the extension “.jpg” or “.bmp” at the end of the file name. Go to the folder and rename the file with the correct extension.

When I first started Blender, I was so confused and “incapable” of doing it. I gave up.

Then almost a year later I gave it another shot and stuck with it.

Now, I am so used to Blender, it feels like an extension of my body. But don’t let that fool you, you’ll see many “noob” questions still posted here by me.

Blender is pretty much the weirdest program I have ever used (as far as interface). However, over time it does become almost automatic.

As far as things not looking good, I would give it a whole lot of time before you get angry at yourself. I still have no idea how half these guys make what they make…

k I just made a gun where do I see the poly count of it? thanks

Render it, and then check the top of the render window… It should say “Fa: XXXX” where xxxx is the number of faces.

gah seriously my renders arent showing up…I set up the directory for the output pictures and I dont see them…also spin Im not really following what you are saying about the files because I cant rename the file cause i cant see it :frowning:

On the top-left of your screen is an “i” icon. Right of it is an arrow pointing down. Leftclick it to collapse the icons in the header bar. Now you can see all the properties of your geometry on the right as VErts EDges FAces etc.

Hit F12 to render (will only render if you have a camera)

Look in the first link in my sig for a file called “Basic Training” to get you up to speed.


I assume you are using WindowsXP.

You need to Right-Click the START button and select EXPLORE.

The “File Manager” will appear.

At the top, you’ll see Tools. Click that.

Click “Folder Options”

Click the “View” tab

Uncheck the “Check” in the box next to “Hide extensionsfor known file types”.

Click the “OK” button

Now you go to the folder and rename the files with the correct file extensions.

Zeus: I assume you’ve set the path but are you “Saving” the render (F3)?

LOL wow Im a noob thanks Andy I was forgetting to save the render with F3…

anyway here’s my first render/model

used bezier curves…what do you all think

Add or move the light so that we can better see it, the outline looks good though.

Haha, I did that too! I better get as good as you too then >_>

To stay on topic though, yeh some more light wouldn’t hurt. The shape looks good though !

Oh and learning programs like this and getting good at them takes years and years of practice.

Seriously? …it would be better if you havent posted this. :stuck_out_tongue:

I moved the light a little over

Also here’s a gun I traced

Well, you have the outline down really well… There is absolutely no definition in the surface, so I would go ahead and make it a mesh and start subdividing.

Just to give you an idea:

It took me more than a year to understand parts of photoshop CS, and even now I’m still finding out new stuff. As with blender, it took me about 6 months to understand all the shortcuts and other small things.

The point it, don’t give up, study small things you never knew or want to know. Try to explore all cracks in the program. That way, you’ll know everything.

um guys…I cant find the subsurf button in the new blender 2.4 alpha…does anyone know where it is