How do you get ideas for CG Background?

Hello everyone, I was wondering how ppl approach for developing an background ideas?
I always struggled with backgrounds especially more art/abstract styled, what is your approach or you simply just imagine something and it works fine, just play around till it looks good or it’s simply copy of a copy of a copy?

Some examples what I’m talking about:

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“The background” is simply a part of the total scene – just like the lighting treatment. It should be “whatever makes the foreground subject look good,” and there are endless possibilities for that.

“Not sure what to do?” Go ahead and brainstorm! Grab photos off the Internet and slap them into the composite as a background layer. One after another after another, “bang! bang! bang!” Eventually, an idea will occur to you that you begin to want to pursue and develop. But: “creativity is not a deterministic process!”

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