How do you get motivated?

I have been using blender as my modeling application of choice on and off for about 2 years now, but it seems that most recently I have just lost all my inspiration and don’t know where to continue on the learning path. I plan on attending the San Fransisco Academy For the Arts but I have two years before I plan on attending. I feel like I am at a roadblock and it seems that every single project I do ends up unfinished. Does anybody have a similar experience and if so, how they overcame the block.

Watch Big Buck Bunny Video…

Also Blender 2.5 is far better than older version.

This is the one of best site for beginners

Have A Happy Blending…

Money help me to end up projects. Or collaboration. I have tons of unfinnished project thought.

Hey Sunny, I’m actually going through such stage right now and I’m trying to overcome it simply by idleness. I know I love Blender and I always come back to it after some time of inactivity but spending a lot of time learning Blender, working in Blender and especially dealing with its bugs at current stage of development can be rather exhausting at times. So I just take a break, try to get inspired by things around me, nature, movies and other stuff and not really start up Blender unless I know what I want to create in it. Though, I’m probably too biased to judge whether this method works but I assume so… others have claimed so as well…

Perhaps collaboration might be the best way to get inspired… we all struggle alone at our computers, trying to be creative, while there’s so many people out there having good ideas right now. You might also conceive this as a proposal for collaboration on something…just for fun, inspiration, just for the heck of it… I dunno.

Maybe it would be cool to do some little projects first. When you have finished something small you could get motivated later for creating something bigger. :slight_smile:

oblique strategies, (dreamchild of brian eno and peter schmidt)

All that stands between you and getting into motion is a change of perspective. Sometimes small things
obstruct your path. Learn python. Think procedural.

Yes, like ArMan, i would say DO something, create. Don’t always bother if it’s technically perfect or not. Perfection doesn’t exist, and if you get lost into a straight upgoing learning curve with your attention constantly pointed towards theory, your creativity might be doomed.
I think everybody has the choice to create its own art.
What learning is concerned, i think that too less and too much are both missleading… To be too happily lousy with minimum efforts, or getting crazy into being over-technocratic are no good choices IMO…

If you want a motivational speech, pop over Watch Nick’s videos and participate in a 5 second project.

Otherwise you might as well do those dishes that are piling up.

Someone who feels to be an artist has a lot to learn… But, beware of becomming “academical”! Since, whatever you’ll do will just look the same “schoolish” way!
Don’t be affraid to jump out of the rules.
Fantasy cannot be “learned”. It is within you. No school will ever teach you originality.
I warmly encourage you to first be an artist. All needed knowledges will follow as you will be hungry to create and to progress with your creations.

Nicely said.

I would suggest participating in some sort of a contest. Because of the ‘theme’ and ‘time limit’ factors, you will be encouraged to use (and improve!) your skills in an efficient way. Also, there’s simply the thrill of participating in a contest and seeing other entries (and maybe winning?)

The Weekend Challenge (hosted right here on BlenderArtists) is a really good one.

Another, the Weekday Challenge is a little different and very fun as well. And if you’re into animation, there’s the Blender Animation Challenge. Both these are found in the Contests subforum.

Hope this helps,