How do you get out of the text editor?

I loaded into the Blender text editor, executed with alt-p, it loaded the pdb file I selected, allegedly converting it into a nice Blender depiction of a section of DNA.

So now I’m looking at the script in the text editor, banging on keys and clicking on buttons and menu items in a vain attempt to exit the text editor and view the beautiful Blender rendering of a DNA molecule.

Sadly, this approach to Blender’s opaque user interface rarely works. Such knowledge is not to be found by experimentation, as is so often the case with other software, nor even in the manual, which only tells how to get into the text editor, but not out of it, and must be passed direclty from user to user apparently.

the text editor is full screen? press ctrl+down arrow

Thanks for the suggestion, but that only makes the text editor take up the whole page. If I do it again, the “panels” pane comes back up. Sorry for being such a noob, but some of this ui is like an alien language. However, I have been able to get a few things going, the modeling ui is pretty good once you learn the hot keys.

Change the window layout by splitting windows to suit your needs.


Again, it’s probably a good suggestion. I tried splitting the frame, but now I have two text editors. How do I make at least one of them into a modeling window so I can view the results of the script which I just executed?

D’oh! Now I have it. It’s that obscure little button on the lower left of the frame that looks like all the other obscure little buttons.

One of the many obscure cryptic buttons in the blender interface.