How do you get refreshed after work?

  1. Herbally?
  2. Alcoholically?
  3. Synthetically?
  4. Physically?
  5. Refreshed? what the devil are you talking about? I take a shower of course!
  6. I blend, baby

just curious.

I like 1, 2, and 4. I like 1 a LOT


  • Chat with my wife.
  • Model/render something.
  • Post in various forums.
  • Eat a bowl of fruit & read a good book.
  • Go out for dinner.At various times, in various orders.

I don’t work, but I like to get refreshed by guzzling down a glass of Coca-Cola in one gulp. It feels nice, and it’s not stupid or bad for your health(I think).

What’s this “after work” thing you speak of?

I touch myself.

Sometimes I get a pretty girl to do the same. Generally I have to incapacitate her first mind you.

If I don’t feel like any of that, I just watch a movie…

with other people touching themselves :p. (No gay references please)

What can I say, I’m just a romantic kinda guy :).

What exactly can we understand by that?

Here’s my 2 cents:

  1. Listening to Hardrock/Nu-Metal (volume up, of course :D)
  2. Writing fiction.
  3. In extreme cases, I drop down onto the sofa.
  1. Do stuff with my son. Everyday.
  2. Have a few beers after he goes to bed and spend time with the wife.


Captain Jack - what about some good old… erm… “captain jack”?
I thought that was billy Joel’s slang for heroin…

what about

  1. revel in the genius of trailer park boys?

one of my favorite shows ever.

@osxrules: you still haven’t gotten a girlfriend? dood… you gotta get out! Step away from the computer, turn to face the door to your dwelling/cave, open it, walk thru it… the rest is up to you! :smiley:

for me: dogpile/wrastle with the kiddos, either on the carpet or the trampoline - tickling and noogies allowed, with the occasional blow to my midsection (my son’s favorite greeting.) Then veg.

Take a rest on the couch whilst watching the Sci-Fi Channel, A&E or one of the Starz channels, then do some graphics on the computer. I also like to eat health cerial while doing all this, but for some reason I’m still fat,

Indeed. It must be a 5 year old thing, (or there abouts), as my son does the same damned thing everyday to me. :smiley:


BgDM, that is one of the many reasons I will never have kids. I like kids, but I just don’t want to raise one, I’d probably be a bad parent.

Only 5 year olds? I’m 14 and I like to kinda poke my dad in the gut when I go by him or sth.(not too hard though) :smiley: Don’t know why though… Its kinda strange :stuck_out_tongue:

Work… What’s this “work” you speak of?

After I get back from here (a sort of school, and I go to the actual place, not the website), I usually play on my Nintendo DS, eat dinner, read, and have huge [play] fights with my dad.

It is, indeed. And, believe it or not, my nickname pre-dates not only the pirate movie AND doctor who, but even the Billy Joel song. :slight_smile:

As for recreational pharmaceuticals… are you kidding? In a public forum? I don’t think so. :wink:

I would but round where I live, the women actually look like cave women. All the pretty people live in my computer. :frowning:

Where I live, there are some with nice faces but fat and others with nice bodies but ugly. Why can’t God have just made half of them but all beautiful? :rolleyes:

The problem is I already found the perfect girl and missed my chance. I’ve just come to terms with it. :slight_smile:

Scotland eh? :smiley:

When I get home from school (12th grade) I usually turn on my computer, check my emails, surf the blenderartists forums and play a good pc game and/or blend

osxraules, Yeah there are only about 2 or 3 decent looking girls in Missouri, most of them are just ugly. Texas is full of hotties though, espescially where I used to live, we had a college and some of the most gorgeous girls I ever seen went there. I better stop now or I’ll start going on a rant.

Eh, with the lights off they all feel the same… :wink:

I’ve felt that way about gals I’ve known… heck, still do… I find myself wondering what my life would look like now if I hadn’t been a spineless pr**k at the crucial moments.

The more I think about it, tho, the more I’m convinced that inner character is of way more value than big hoots / tight butts any day. And (I can’t believe I’m actually saying this… & in certain company, I’ll deny every word!) how well you get along with (relate to) your life mate is way more important than the eye-candy that gets you horny. That stuff exits the building in short order, but the other stuff stays 'round 'til the end.

@jackblack: you think they’re dogs in MO, you should see these redneck chicks in “Arkysaw”! Hoo dawgies!

/me’s sorry for the off-topic schpeal… :o

Well it’s school for me but here goes…

  1. My music. Playing and listening to.
  2. Skateboarding
  3. Alcoholically
  4. Herbally (my fave)