How do you get rid of the backfaces?!?

Ive unticked double sided but my mesh still shows backfaces
Have you tried this one?^^^

yes, tried that but theyre still visible. That button just makes all faces transparent,i want it so i just get a basic 2 polygon face, two triangles not 4 displayed(2 backfaces) the reason for this is im designing an interior but dont want the backfaces visible when modelling - at all rendered these backfaces just appear as black.

Put the faces that are in your way when modelling on a diiferant layer or hide them.

you will have to go to uvface mode with your walls etc (press f), then in edit buttons - texture face, set the vertex color, enable light, and then press copy draw mode(with all faces selected).

you also have to be in textured draw mode (alt-z)

if you want textures (wallpaper, etc) you have to uvmap them rather than use a texture

to change which side of the faces to show, in edit mode press w , then select flip normals.

if you only want some objects displayed in solid mode, you can individually change their display type in object buttons.

that seems an annoyingly complicated way of doing it, every other 3d program ive used simply dont show data thats not there, i dont understand why blender does.

Its frustrating because i really like blenders modeller but without being able to hide backfaces it makes it very fiddly to do flipped low poly modelling like rooms etc from blocks.

Request for next version ‘Hiding of non existant backfaces’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Select the back half of the model in Edit mode and hide them with H (Alt-H to unhide).


dgrafix, there is a patch for this made by a level designer:

I hope it will be added to cvs for the next version.

Meanwhile you can hide selected faces with H button as Fligh said.

dazzler, your method only works outside edit mode, which is what a level designer needs.

Great!, this appears to be just what im after, one question tho, what do i do with a patch file?

I’m afraid you should know how to compile blender in order to apply patches by yourself. Maybe you could ask to a builder to apply that patch to one of their windows builds.

I use linux, so I could compile blender for you if you also use linux.

i use linux for my main pc

Use win on my laptop, would be nice but is second priority

Yay! I’ve compiled blender for the first time since 2.42 release.


Have you tried pressing the Z-key to change the display mode to Solid?