How do you get rid of the blue background?

Hi. I am doing the VSE tutorial here:

I made the sequences they wanted but as you can see the part where they render both solid cube and wire cube the background is black. In mine it is that ugly blue. How do I change that? Thanks for reading and thanks for any reply in advance.

Have a look at this article:

thank you. the VSE tutorial didn’t explain in detail too much of how to set up the animation. I’m not new to Blender so that isn’t too big of a problem but I didn’t know how they got the black background.

can you make it transparent?

This thread is from march…

Would you like to tell me what a transparent background would look like?

Transparent is when you use Alpha and only works if the output supports it like with PNGs of GIFs but not JPEG, TIF etc. The tutorial is a pretty good one for the VSE and tells you how to make transparancy for what it wants (masking etc) so there’s no need to go inserting you own otherwise. Oddly enough, recent versions of Blender could not do this tutorial because of an introduced bug in the sequence editor which would crash blender right near the end when trying to put your sequenced together - I believe they fixed it now though.