How do you get the weight of an object?

Hai, im trying to build a space game
and i need the weight of the planets
In my script i scan through all objects in a for x in blah: loop
And i cant do x.getMass()
and that wouldnt work either i guess cuse the mass doesnt change if i dont do it manually

How can i messure the x’s weight?

Ok, apparently I should use the mass not the wieght…
So how do i get the mass of the x?
since x.getMass() doesnt work…

am I asking to hard questions?
Because the last 3 posts iv never got an reply at all…
If so, then which tab should i put this in?

The mass is set for Dynamic Actors in the Mass field. The mass of the planets is at, and I
and I would scale those numbers down by dividing each by 10^24, so for Earth I would enter 5.98

Ok, but if i set that mass value to, lets say 10.
Then if im doing a check all scene objects “for loop”
Which command do i say in python to get that value?

Is it like:
for x in scene:
m = x.getPropertie(“Mass”)

Cuse that doesnt work, but i guess something simular would i just dont know what…