How do you get Topix Cloth2 working!!! Blender 2.33, WINXP

Everytime I try to Alt+P the script in topix cloth 2, it stops at “import Topix” and says “module use of Python22.dll conflicts with this version of pyton” in the console window. I need to know how to work Cloth2.

You need a full install of Python 2.2.3 and any Blender version from 2.28 to 2.32


:smiley: Thanks man, It works now!

I have Python 2.3 installed and using Blender 2.34 and I figured out most of the other problems, now I get a Windows error box that says “python22.dll” was not found.

any ideas?


Because you’re using py 2.3; you need 2.2


precisely exactly, couldn’t say it better myself. works best with antares intel build 232.