how do you guys do it?

i figured that making meshes isn’t that hard …but combining them’s a realy nightmare!! …at least for a noobie as myself :expressionless:

this is a “fine” example of what i mean:

how do you guys do such smooth edges?!?
are there any other “tricks” i should know about?

p.s. it should be a 3d version of the red guy found here:

the image:
or at this address
doesn’t show up at all (and apparently isn’t on your server)

complains of no /hook directory (relative to serverroot, possibly /var/www/html)

I don’t think your server is configured well

Combining meshes:
to make two (or more) meshes into one select them all, make the one you want the meshes put into active (lighter pink in wireframe mode), and press control+p

to make faces render smoothly press “set smooth” in the edit buttons (on the bottom, near the left) with intended faces selected (in edit mode), or out of edit mode to work on them all.

If you want to quickly make a smooth object look for information about subdivision surfaces. Quck explination. There is a subsurf toggle in the edit buttons, and the buttons below it specify how smooth it makes things. Higher can be better, but can be much slower. The subsurf level button on the left is for when viewing it in blender, on the right is for rendering. Subdivision surfaces start to look bad if you use triangles a lot, or verticies with a lot of edges coming out of them

I also get no pic but i went to the comic. The character can be created with extrusions from a cube. The only joining (if any) would be the teeth, horns and eyes. That’s the way I would do it. Then use subsurf as z3r0 d suggested.


sorry, the dir was not /hook/ but /~hook/ …fixed now :expressionless:

Flight &: extruding a cube? …i don’t really get it …that’d be all …well …cube-like and with lots of edges …wouldn’t it? :expressionless:

z3r0 d: …i know about that …i wondered how to stick two meshes/objects together so there’s no edge or gaps between them …sticking a sphere on a tube in this case …or putting the mouth (donought) on the body.

p.s. i know it looks just hideous :frowning:


NEAT :smiley: …thanks!

trying it out …subsurf is great :slight_smile: but can’t figure out how to make hands :frowning: …any ideas?

is there a way to subdivide a cube?

Doesn’t deal with hands but general techniques for subdivision. To make a hand from a cube subdivide twice. That gives you a 4X4 grid on each of the original faces. In top view delete three rows of the grid. You are left with a thin cube with 4 faces. Select one face, go to side view and extrude it up. That’s the first finger. Repeat with the remaining 3 faces. Extrude the thumb off the side. Scale the extrusions so they don’t touch. Put short extrusions around the knuckles on the way up. Subsurf.

Warning: Beware of subdividing too much at the beginning.


WKEY > subdivide