How do you guys do it?

First Off I want to thank all of you who post materials and textures to the BOMR. There are some pretty cool materials there that look really nice. :eyebrowlift: How do you go about making materials like that? Do you just know what works well together? Do you mess around until you have something that looks about right? Is there a method? I am in school right now learning on cough MAX and we haven’t gotten into textures and materials yet. My goal is to one day share my own creations just as you all have.

You make some cool stuff - just wondering…


Yes, there is a method, but it starts with just messing around to see what things look like. The method, once you learn how the tools affect the final render, is to closely observe a reference or a real object, and try to layer the effects you see using the material panel and texture controls, and now, of course, the nodes.

Lots of experimentation, most of which will be wasted on your current project, whatever it is, but will come in very handy later on.

Thanks Orinoco. I guess I will take a look at some of the materials I have downloaded from BOMR to see what was done and just play around a bit. I am sure we’ll get into this stuff in my classes too.

You might also want to take a look at the Kerkythea Material Editor Guide for KT2007, which has another look at how materials are put together for the Kerkythea render engine.

You already know what Reflection and Specularity (for example) are in real life. Now look up what they mean and how they are implimented in CG, both in code (algos) and renderside, how they work with Lamps and Cameras. “define:reflection” is an example of a useful searchterm.

Then search for Lambert, CookTorr etc and take it from there.

see her Articles.


Orinoco i’ve had a look at your link and it is a very nice document !
It makes you want to use Kerkythea !
Thanks !

Thank you for that insight - I always thought I was the only one who ‘messed’ with the controls until it came out just right!