how do you have two characters

I’m making a animation with two stick people fighting, but I don’t know how make the second person. Do I copy the object, and bones, and the weight painting with the new object?

This might be a stupid question, but how did you made the first one?

in object mode, space->Add->Armature

The thing is, if I duplicate the object and move it, the object gets all discombobulated. I think the two objects are trying to share the same bones.

Save your 1st Charater’s File as xyz.blend
For example this has 1 Armature and 1 Mesh ( both together ) which are already rigged.

Open New Blender
Append Armature and Mesh from xyz.blend
Rename Armature as char1
Save this file.
Again Open this file.
Append Armature + mesh from xyz.blend
Rename Armature as char2
Now this blend file has char1 and char2 as two separate characters.

Sweeet!!! So awsome!! Thanks kkrawal.

You don’t have to get that elaborate … Just make sure you are in Object Mode for both the mesh and armature (NOT Pose) and Shift-D . This way you will create a new mesh/armature with the .001 suffix that have the the same vertex groups/ weights etc . I do this all the time . It is useful for making stuff like fingers …

Also Awsome!!! much more simple too. I’ll try it. Thanks Vertex Pusher.