How do you have your blender window layed out?

I’ve noticed that just about anyone has their own custom layout for the blender projects. This probably has to do with your own personal style and workflow, but it does make me wonder what your reasoning is behind your setup.
I like to think that I can’t improve myself if I keep using the same techniques over and over again. Getting stuck in 1 mindset can also damage your ability to learn new and better workflows than the one you think is best.

That’s why I’m asking you, how is your blender interface generally layed out and why?

This is how I have mine setup atm:
The left screen contains my animation/keyframes/graph editor
while the right screen focusses on the creation part itself.
A big wide viewport is just about all I tend to use to model. I used to work with Quad-viewports in 3DsMax but since i can easily change my viewing angle in blender I’ve kind of left that behind me.
Also, I have a node edittor , material editor and a texture viewer on the bottom side to help me to create and check my nodes & materials without too much of a hastle. Sometimes I swap my UV/Imageviewer with a camera POV if the situation demands it.

I render to the UV editor, not an external window, because I tend to lose track of that popup window if I’m alt-tabbed out while I’m rendering.

How is your blender layed out?

The default screen setup works well enough for me, but I do tend to make major modifications to it as I move along, depending on what kind of project I’m doing e.g simulation/animation or modelling/texturing and materials.

sometimes I also use up to four windows, one for modelling, one for rendering/nodes, etc.