How do you Imagine the perfect OS?

Just a little thread for speculating on what kind of a OS would be perfect in your opinion :slight_smile:


  1. Can run most apps/games. With no imitation (Like Windows)
  2. Complete Ease of installing and removing apps, with no bad causes.
    Apps are one icon bundle files, all you have to do is place the app file into the app folder and everything else (Licenses, dependencies, etc) is done automatically for you. No dialogues (unless it’s really important). Programs can not be run when they are not in the app folder.
    All apps that comes with the OS preinstalled can be easily removed if you want to, by simply going to the app folder and pressing delete. You should also be free to delete the Window manager, shell, file browser, etc, and replace it with something better you like… You could go to program contents as folder if you right click on the App and select something like “Open app folder”(Didn’t try mac, but is it something similar?). Also, a similar folder for drivers/libs in which you just place or delete drivers. NO TERMINAL is necessary for anything, everything achievable by mouse clicking.
  3. No useless features out of the box, such as voice recognision and etc. Windows will have face recognition to log in. Which is just freakin stupid. (I like Ubuntu for this, but it still adds a few useless things). Basically all it needs to start off is MS office. Or a program that is 100% compatible with MS office in every way (unlike Open Office, which screws up the fonts). A .txt editor, a terminal/console, a very simple yet capable media player, primitive image viewer, Disc burner, an internet browser (Google chrome or Firefox preferably), drivers for every hardware you have connected, shell, windows manager, file browser, Search, Apps for editing the settings of the hardware and similar. If the user needs more, he is free to download via the software manager (more about that on point 8). Should also come with sample sample files, such was wallpapers and themes.
  4. The OS should automatically recognise the hardware and automatically download the driver for it. Never worry about drivers ever again. (Ubuntu, but way more compatible). I want an OS, where I’d just connect my Wacom bamboo tablet and it just worked. And would even automatically download an App that provides me the GUI to change the settings.
  5. One consistant software updater for all software on your computer (like ubuntu)
  6. No need to reinstall the whole OS just because of a new version. The Updater should do that. If it’s payed OS, you should be able to pay for the update, or insert a new CD, and it will update without reinstalling everything from scratch. (Ubuntu)
  7. Well supported by all/most software and hardware companies. The hardware boxes should show that it’s compatible right there on the box (Windows, mac, it’s never written on the box about linux compatibility!)
  8. Software manager for all commercial and non commercial software. For example, you could search for commercial software (like photoshop) and it would also let you know about free alternatives (Like Gimp). You could do the buying and downloading there, no need to go to the software website. (ubuntu, Mac app store) No Bias on anything, only the software itself should speak about the quality.
  9. Partitions like in Windows. But way better organised contents, completely simplified. Just go to your C drive and the only folders you see would be: Users, Drivers, Apps, OS. That’s it. No other folders or files should be possible to Add into the C drive. If the Computer has only one user, the folder “users” would be named by the name of the user and would lead directly to his home folder. Everything that the average joe like me doesn’t care or understand is placed in the OS folder.
  10. Not to expensive. Best if it’s Open Source.

^ Basically Ubuntu for Dummies + World approval.

it should have big bold letters in green phosphor against black screen. If I want a game I turn on my Atari.

I want windows, only more customisable, and with better program intergration. Just like you said. Why shuold we need to do anything special just to delete a program? It is stupid. So far my Windows 7 has been fairly awesome. Plugged my new GPU in, instantly downloaded all the drivers for me and off I went. Plugged in my tablet, same thing. Instant.

7 was a massive improvement on XP (or…vista…cringes at thought) and it has improved a lot.

I would also like to add (as my list is well…pretty much the same as Freeminds one) that I would really like to see the entire thing is a more easily customisable format. Like Blender 2.5 oddly enough. Think of the UI add-ons ect. that are available, and how much you can change things around now. Having that in an OS would be amazing. Much better than this flat, glass type look that Windows 7 and Mac continue to “improve”… Having my own theme that actually has customisation would be wonderful.

Also, I wish that my OS didn’t use 15% RAM on running the Desktop. And another thing, how bout the ability to easily change startup programs? Seriously, in Windows 7 (AFAIK) You ahve to go to each program manually and change settings there. I wish tehre was just a window somewhere that was just “Startup Programs” and that would be great.

PS: Yeah I know, windows 7 in particular has many customization options, but it is nothing compared to Blender, is it?

But I guess it won’t happen, will it? look around yourselves guys. This is a world full of hipsters and old people with iPhones. Nothin’s gonna change unless one of us makes some kind of coding breakthrough and suddenly has the ability to do it all.

I dont need a perfect os, macos satisfy me and thats enough for me.



I’d also like the shell to be very light and tight. No fancy stuff, gadgets, effects and whatnot.
With a theme that is pretty and light on the eyes. Something like Gnome, but less of it.
If you want to get a massive shell, just download another one.

One that is not overly complicated but still highly customizable, free, preferably open-source, great stability and performance.

Basically Windows 7 mixed with Ubuntu.

I was recently asked to get a computer back to working order again, as it was getting slower, and slower, and slower. So, I turned it on and… about a trillion things come up at once. Printer drivers for about 20 different printers, update messages (because the owner never even clicked “update”, by this I mean it was still on Vista SP1. Not good.) heaps of random startup programs, a sidebar thing full of crap. It was a mess. And when I gave it back to the working with more than 2% RAM left over they actually complained because of all the “useful” stuff that wasn’t there. The only reason it got that way is because of the tempting nature of things like the sidebar, widgets, and wanting things to turn on when the computer does. Maybe that is personal preference, but seriously I just wish that things where lighter on me. Honestly I don’t care much for Glass effects, twirly whirly magic shit on the screen and stupid shit all the time. I wish I had a computer that just did what I wanted when I wanted. That includes updating when i want it to (as soon as the update is available, that is) and just doing all the overhead…in it’s head. I hate needing to actually listen to my computer do shit. And the error messages…I still get error messages from programs that are alrady gone (atleast as close as I could, couldn’t actuall un install due to some bullshit. Just deleted all of the files.) and I still get the messages!

Also, I immagine the perfect OS to automatically delete Swear words and replace them with the names of My Little Ponies. That would be FlutterFly-ing great :smiley:

Also, I immagine the perfect OS to automatically delete Swear words and replace them with the names of My Little Ponies. That would be FlutterFly-ing great

That’s actually a cool idea :heart:
But not for admins.
That can be a user setting for children :slight_smile:

Talkin about glass in Windows Aero. Windows just looks ugly without it for me. The non glass aero is simply crap. It just looks like Aero with glass missing, not good on it’s own. Turning off Aero just brings your computer to stone age.
Ubuntu rocks at themes. Completely customizable.

Note, even though I’m on windows I will probably move over to GNU/Linux for regular usage, but that after I buy a new computer.

To start with: Dependency HELL, be gone and troll someone else’s OS :smiley:

I see you’ll love apt. :slight_smile:
and the constant system upgrade in order to get latest goodies from Blender, Luxrender and company to compile cleanly… :stuck_out_tongue:

I know package managers, I do. Unfortunately a non slow constant internet connection have become the excuse for package managers, and the package managers themselves the excuses for a messy filesystem hierarchy and non-existant stable APIs and ABIs. I’m the sort of person that much prefers stability over cutting edge dependencies that render a few weeks old binaries useless. Despite that I will move on to GNU/Linux as I wrote, if nothing, for the reason of getting rid of the random evil anti-virus and customization nightmare (windows icons normally reside in executables, good lord…).

I want complete cross-platform compatibility. As in everything runs the same whether on x86, x64, ARM, PPC, whatever.

Linux is perfect

Yes it is, the only thing that’s not perfect is the OS exclusivity of software from from other companies.

Linux is perfect

Ubuntu was nothing but trouble since i got it a few days ago…

How’s that? When I got it, it was so much easier to work with, fast, no trouble at all.

First problem was, i downloaded the CD from the ubuntu site and it just didn’t work. Froze while booting.
Ruined a few CD’s this way. USB didn’t work either.
So i took my old Ubuntu CD, installed, and took hours to update.
Setting up the dual screen was ridiculous.
I had to use a root user to get that working, which is silly.
Unity didn’t work on dual screens as it should, so i had to turn on classic…

Tried cycles, blender exe didn’t run and gave no errors, which was annoying.
Had to use the terminal to find out what libs I’m missing, which was annoying.
Got the blender executable to work. Cycles renders blank… bah…

Same here just replace “since…ago” with “for months now” . Oh and on ubuntu if you decide to install it from inside win 7 its does not cleanly unistall. It leaves the boot screen for choosing between windoom and ubuntu, you have to manually hunt it down and remove it manually. Ubuntu has corrupted itself several times on my desktop pc.

I managed to install ubuntu on my acer aspire one, it was only thing that could run fast enough on the slow SSD drive. However even the slightest update could brake ubuntu, after several reinstalls , the update was turn off and kept minimum software inside to prevent undesirable conflicts. There are some crashes here and there but it works.

But to call Linux perfect , is extreme far fetched.

No problems with Windows 7 here, and with a SSD, it’s really fast. Would be nice if it made me coffee when I boot up in the morning. :S