How do you install scripts in x86?????

This may seem rediculous, but i just spent 45 minutes trying to install a .py “.ase export” goofas script…

I looked at 100 google pages, at all the folders, tried putting in the, SEARCHED EVERYWHERE…what is ths humour ?

I mean my motherboard dying or stubbing my toe doesnt get me that STEAMING as i was trying to find .blender and mythical stuff like that. i havent got so pissed offat the PC for YEARs as looking for blender script install infos.

It’s 2.48 version

hows it done please???

Cutting through the noise and removing the b-llsh-t from you’re post, what are you trying to do?

Put a python script in .blender/scripts folder?

You don’t need to ‘install’ you just copy paste the python script into your blender/scripts folder, i guess you’re a windows user but then again ‘x86’ maybe a window user gone Linux, so the .blender file should be in your blender install location, no doubt C:/Program Files/blender… blah blah or in your home directory ‘hidden’ if you’re on Linux.

Paste the script into .blender/scripts and then either fire up blender or if blenders already open go to scripts -> Update Menus an the script should appear in the menu somewhere, if you’re not sure open up the script in notepad and see where it lives.

Hope that helps.

Type into terminal “open /blenderdirectory/.blender/scripts”

just been using x86 very deeply for 10 years!

.blender/scritps does not exist in the blender folder

Creating .blender folder name in x86 is Impossible, as it starts with ., i’ve also checked hidden folders.

So on it’s own this solution will cause hairloss.

i’ll try the command option now in blender but i’m dubious!

.blender in windows can be found in

C:\Documents and Settings"user name"\Application Data\Blender Foundation\Blender.blender\scripts

either i missed it somewehere or else god knows what… that was a bloody annoying kindof of little detail that no one sais that can cause a guy in a hurry 45 minutes of pointless window clicking!!! nightmare intro to blender.:eyebrowlift2::o

OH! windows? I thought you meant linux, yeah, if I knew it was XP I coulda told you that =D

It asks you during install where you would like this folder created. Gives three possible choices. I personally don’t like it buried deep within Windows’ D&S directory structure so if you care to re-locate it just re-install Blender and this time read over the possible choices.

This can also be set in the hidden settings menu when you pull down the bottom edge of the top menubar…


x86 is a shortened name to describe the processor architecture, please say if you are using windows or linux, or whatever, in the future.

We can’t help you if you don’t give us lots of details, and we don’t get much satisfaction from helping when responses are rude.

So on it’s own this solution will cause hairloss.

Both of them were trying to help you, and contained enough information to solve the problem.