How do you integrate Blender whth other software?

i mean which part you done with Blender, and which part you most done with others

thank you

Can some1 pay attemtion on problem?

some ppl say they create stuff in blender but render in Max , but can max open blender’s save file?

if that do, can it preserve all the settings i done in blender? like displacement texures or coler of object , if i want to render in max ,do i need to reset all the colors, lights, displacement maping and all the parameter?

thank you all and sonix

Using other 3D programs with Blender? Very well possible. Like using Wings3D for modeling, importing them in Blender for texturing and rendering. Blender can import Wings files, but for other 3D programs use the .obj or .3ds format for import/export. Not all settings are preserved, it depends on the file format and 3D program. Best is to model in the program you like and do the texturing and lighting in the program you rendering with.

what about the hair system,Fluids simulations,Bullet Physics and Softbodies, will they become useless in other aplication(3Ds max,Maya)?

my fairly certain guess is yes.

thats sad :frowning:

Fluid simulations have been imported successfully into Lightwave

ok, thank you all

Blender is the only application that can open .Blend files.

To use something created with Blender in another application, you have to export in a specific format.

At the moment, I’m exporting in vrml .wrl format, as I can retain all the information I need. UV’s, smoothing & material groups etc.

Certain things could be exported, such as sofbodies, but you would have to tell the other application that that mesh is a softbody. You might not be able to export the calculations involved if Blender solved them, but you can use the other application’s softbody tools instead.

I didn’t realise that it’s possible to export Blender’s fluid calcs to Lightwave, that’s wicked.

Lots of different CG applications do things that the others don’t, this is why there’s so much inter-application swapping whilst creating CGI.