How do you interact with blender ?

Hey everyone.
just wondering what PC peripherals you all use when using blender ?

I brought a Razer Naga mouse to play games with which was “okay” but then I started using Blender with it. And holy crap ! having the number pad right under my thumb and being able to move around my work really fast is amazing.

I also have an iMac that I just installed Blender on to use as a renderfarm and not having that number pad on the mouse is seriously annoying now that I have it.

So what do you guys use ?

I have a Cyborg Rat 7 mouse that has a button on it allowing you to switch modes and change the function of all of the buttons and scroll wheels, and you can customize it per application. It is a godsend.

Hi Guys,

Just a note. If you like those you might want to try using the Razer Nostromo.

I have used these type pads for some time now and really find them an advantage when working fast! You can customize the buttons so that your most used button groups (i.e. modeling with E,S,R,W,B,F,Ctrl,Alt,Shift,1,3,7,etc) or whatever can be right at your finger tips. And witht he flick of a buttone you can change between prfiles so you can easi;y switch between say yout modeling button setup and your sculpting button setup. These, although originally for gamers, is a god send for digital artists! Check it out!

Apple aluminum keyboard and Razer imperator. Same gear I play starcraft 2 with. :wink: (JtheNinja.313 on NA server if anyone else here plays)

I rather like the short key travel on the Apple board. Makes it easy to to hit shortcuts (and starcraft hotkeys) with a quick flick. The Razer is just a nice mouse period. Very comfy, and the DPI switching is nice, especially if you don’t have a graphics tablet.

Speaking of graphics tablets, I wish I had one. :frowning:

Mac 10.4.11 PPC. Old Mac Flat Keyboard. And a standard logitech 3 button and wheel mouse using a light sensor instead of a rubber ball.

Basic Mouse and a Wacom Intuous 4 M tablet

Cheap microsoft mouse and cheap chinese keyboard (I tend to break these things way too often to spend any more money than I have to). And a large Wacom Intuos 3.

That sounds like a brilliant idea !
I brought a simple $99au wacom tablet today for
photoshop. I am running out of deskspace haha

Good choice on the tablet purchase though, Xenochrist! That is going to bring a whole new level of love for your work I am sure! heh heh heh

Next thing on your christmas wish list should be more deskspace heh heh

Hey does anyone use a 3D mouse (or has used one in the past)? I keep looking at them and wondering if they are worth the cost? I mean the only major useage I can see is for things like camrea panning work in animation etc. I saw one set up in a store but found it to be a bit unwieldy for doing precision model work. Middle mouse click and drag seemed best…

any inputs, anybody?

just a wacom bamboo tablet, no mouse at all

I am spiritually connected with Blender. I use “the force”. No need for peripherals. :RocknRoll:

Seriously I use only

Cordless HP laser mouse
Wacom Intuos 3 for texturing and sculpting

A joystick.

Wacom 3, standard keyboard and a Microsoft Natural Mouse (the big fat one).
I ve thought about these mice with lots of buttons but havent tried yet.


mouse = pain for me.

I have a Logitech G700 mouse and G510 keyboard that I use. I do from time to time also use a Wacom Bamboo (one of the larger ones) that I picked up for sculpting. When I’m not sculpting I find I am just faster with a mouse and keyboard.

you just need more practice… :wink:

It was my case too: the break in the wrist was a source of pain to me until i changed for the natural mouse. OK it is huge, but your wrist is not fully turned inwards so that the palm of your hand is horizontal. The position is MUCH more natural: in fact my hand is now completely relaxed. After a few days, no more pain at all. I am serious !



Hah ha, Ideasman42: blank keys? that’s just showing off!

Gwenouille: maybe I wouldn’t get rsi with that mouse but I guess after 20 years of tablet use any mouse just feels clumsy to me…

Genius Netscroll 120

Why do you need a fancypants way to interact with it?