how do you interact with rigid body?

I hope this is the right place to ask this, it depends on game engine render, 2.53 recent builds:

I’m confused by rigid body simulation. I want to knock over a beer bottle - should be simple I thought, animate a sphere along a path that passes through the top of the bottle. Hmm, well I set the “knock-er” sphere as a static body and the “knock-ee” bottle as a rigid body and they didn’t interact. So I set them both to rigid body and they didn’t interact. :confused:

I have searched but I can’t find any tuts on using controlled interacting with reactive objects.

post a blend file and i can check whats the problem

Thanks for looking at this, I’m trying to learn this so I planned to simply start the ball moving at frame 31 to impact the bottle.


beerbottle_08.blend (383 KB)

was harder then i though. Tried allot of actions and physics but i cant get it working if you use an action to the mesh.

This could be why I have never seen a video tut on this. Please let me know if you gain any insights.

Hello!! i`m having a quite same problem. im trying to kick a garbbage bin with a character that i made. The walking cycle is ok, but i cant fix the moment that my char kick the object.

can anyone help in this situation??

You can add a f-curve actuator for the sphere
beerbottle.blend (362 KB)
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