How do you join vertices and maintain shape?

I want to join vertices so that both parts remain in tact and their geometry not changed. If I select the vertex on the circle and then do “Selection -> Cursor” just that one vertex moves. I want the entire circle to move and maintain its shape. I tried to Parent the other vertices to the one vertex I want to move but Blender said that I can’t parent more than 3 vertices. Maybe I did it wrong. Parenting seems like it should work, eh?

Can someone help me with this? See attached screen shot…



why dont you use the new snap to vertex option?
select the ring move your mouse to the left point
hit g and move the mouse to the point you want to move it to.



I’m still using 2.49b for now due to exporter issues with 2.53. Is there a way to do this in 2.49b? I’m thinking that parenting should work but I’m missing something.

I did fire up 2.53 and tried your method of using the g key. That is really slick but how do you get the two vertice of the circle to span exactly onto the vertice of the box?

Edit: I see that this “g” grab function is in 2.49b also? So I guess I just need to know how to snap the circle vertice to the box vertice.

Snap works in 2.49 as well. Hold Ctrl does when moving, set to vertex snapping.

Ok, I got it now. Shift-Tab to turn on vertex snap. Move object using grab, hold control to snap vertex to vertex. Excellent! Thanks guys.