How do you keep particles in a closed space?


I’ve played around with all the particle buttons I could find but I haven’t been able to stumble on a way to keep my particles from going through walls.

Here’s my problem, I have a box that opens and is supposed to release pictures. I have the pictures as particles, that all works I just don’t want the pictures to go through the box walls.

How can I stop them?

you need to activate “deflection” for box, it’s in physics buttons, side by side with particles.

it will stop particles, not sheets. if you want to stop sheets in box, you must make a new box (invfisible), smaller than your main box. it should stop particles, and take sheets away from main box walls.

make sure the the normals are facing towards the particles and that deflection is activated for box, also the box must be on the same layer as the particles.