How do you keep the IPO frames generated by an IK solver?

Hi guys,

I have a rather difficult problem. Say you have an armature and you set up a chain of bones to follow an Empty by making it the target of IK solver constraint of one of the bones. You then move the Empty around and set key IPO frames and the armature would just move with the Empty, so far so good! But as soon as you remove the Empty, you lose the entire IPO sequences!!

Is there anyway we can save the rotations generated by the IK solver?

Thanks a lot.


In 2.43, on every frame that you inserted a keyframe for the empty, go through doing ‘Insert Key’ -> ‘VisualRot’ on every bone in the ik-chain. Another way would be to run one of the ‘baking’ scripts/builtin things.


Hi Aligorith, thanks so much for the hint!! But the bones in the chain don’t actually follow the original path … Now, would you know how to do it in python?

You can download the blender file that contains the armature at here to see what I mean: