How do you keep up with your posts in this forum?

I’m not an avid forum user, but i have used a few. This Forum is much different to me. I can’t figure out how you keep up with your posts. I didn’t even see a forum for posting forum related questions, so I’m not sure if this is where i post this or if there is a better place.

I have not used this forum in the past because i find it confusing, but everyone uses it so I guess it is time to bite the bullet and learn the inns and outs of it. Please help me navigate this forum.

I generally use the “New Posts” tab up on the left, and browse the possible needs there. For my own, I go to my Settings panel, and on the left pane choose “subscriptions” and then run through the posts I have made and see if there are any new updates.

I’ve moved your post to the Blender Artists Website Support forum.

And Craig Jones has given the best answer. The subscriptions mechanism here is very powerful for letting you follow threads (as well as your own posts).

Thanks guys. I actually found that out on my own after posting this and felt a bit stupid.