how do you like to model

hello all
this thread is for people that have experience with blender and like to tell new people the meny technics. For example i like to do a circle based model , i mean i delet the default cube and add a blank circle with filler. that is my example so plz if you have any tecnics that you would like to share with the rest of us plz do. :yes::eek::yes:

Any way to get the job done efficiently. Starting with a box, circle, sphere, plane, a few verticies, profiles, curves, NURBS, splines, other packages, whatever I need at the moment, and I switch between all these methods throughout the project. Some ways are easier than others for some, but I’m of the mind that one should never limit themselves as far as object creation is concerned. I guess if I were suggesting ways of modeling, I would say take a look at many artists out there and many different packages for inspiration and translation into your own workflow. The more tools you have at hand the better prepared you are at dealing with those difficult situations that arise from time to time.

ok that makes since and is a very good way of thinking when it comes to blender