how do you like your girlfriend

what is the specifications of your faviourte girlfriend ¿


for me , to understand my background

and for the appearence a short hair and a thin body …

i’m asking seriously :smiley: no joking please in this thread …

the title is kinda funny, you make it seem like girls are sandwiches or something. “how would you like your sandwich”

Anyway, joking aside, my current girlfriend has green eyes, red hair (short), very pale skin (i like em that way), and a nice figure imo.

I like ethnic chicks.
I’d love to meet Jasmin :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I like cheese

(I deleted my old post cause it looked stupid and immature)

I would like one whom is nice, doesn’t follow things like fads, someone who’s acts like they really are (which most people don’t), and pretty.

That’s all I can think of right now. Really, I would like one whom I can just get along with and isn’t mean. That’s what I’d like, primarally.

Why would they need to act how they really are. Why not just be who they really are?

I despise women who act, play games, and are fake. :mad:

For me, a good girlfriend should have the most amazing set of eyes and the sweetest smile to go with them. Body unlike a stick-insect, but not a dung beetle either. :rolleyes:

Should have a matching sense of humour too. :smiley:

“I’m looking for a hard headed woman,
One who will make me do my best.” Cat Stevens

Plus good sense of humor (or bad?.. whatever fits me best).
No girly girl princess type. And someone with an own style and opinion.

Pfff, many different and good options; thick, thin, small, large, brunnette, blond, redhead, AA cup, H cup, whatever.

Average looks, knows how to cook, puts out once a week.

Not familiar with the phrase. Does it mean sexually willing?

Yes, or at least that is how I use it.

Having a girlfriend is really a partnership, common values, you’re both going in the same direction, and someone to have good looking babies with.:smiley:

And if she can cook that’s a bonus, because if she can cook as good as she walks, I’ll eat it all. I’ll even lick my plate clean in appreciation. :smiley:

I liked her so much I married her… 20 years ago… and I like her more today than when I met her…

someone that I can hug :smiley:

i know how to cook so that dosnt matter

but ugly is bad

SiriusCG you’re the man! She’s one lucky lady.:slight_smile:

Well personally I believe in waiting until marriage (studies have shown that waiting=better sex & a better relationship)

But ya, once a week is reasonable.

Don’t use or excessively use annoying characters to attract attention to your thread. If people want to read your thread they’re going to do so with or without the characters; in fact most people will have the inclination to simply ignore threads with subjects like that.

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Studies? Gime a break.

Reasonable? Gime a break.

Medium please :slight_smile:

Seriously, I like girls, who are cute, intelligent and smaller than me (what is the killer argument in most cases).

Studies? Gime a break.

My sentiments exactly. I have been incredibly lucky, I met a girl who is beautiful(Nepali), smart, funny, dances, cooks a mean curry chicken, and isn’t into fads(doesn’t like diamonds for one). So what did I do? Married her of course. A couple years ago in fact. We had the same major in college so it gave us a major connection right off the bat. To me, it seems that the perfect girl is completely different for each individual.