How do you limit how far the mouse can turn/rotate an object?

(Camos1011) #21

Thanks a lot!
That’s a good sign that someone likes it.
I’m flattered!

I can’t wait to play and finish it.
Mostly finish.

Been planning it for 20 years.
Yup! Since 1997 and I was in Junior High.
Even made a garbage comic about earlier planned events that I will use in a possible sequel.
It’s a four part story.
The first story was actually the 4th story.
The forth story story originally served as the origin story of the male protagonist.
I’m also doing music myself too.

That 3rd Person script is weird.
I’m going to use that script for lots of things.
From car interaction to the springs and flip gravity.
However I am prepared to pull an Uncharted 2 (I think it had the ship sinking level) and flip a whole room accordingly xD

How is your project going and how is the echo/follow movement script?

(theoldguy) #22

There are some scripts missing on your sample 3rd person blend., I like the way the author copied the animations using python, They work smooth.
I can’t remember where I got that 3rd person template from.

Uncharted2 was a great game. Can’t remember the sinking ship. My brain is fried crispy. LOL

Right now I’m gathering animations, next I’ll make some charactors. I don’t have any game in mind. I’m just learning as much Python as I can, by trial an error, mostly error.
so that follow script is on hold. It’s working with logic bricks ATM.

(Camos1011) #23

I either got the 3rd person script from this site or BlenderSwap.


It was Uncharted 3 with the sinking ship and pirates!
I have the Uncharted Collection so played them all and forgot xD.
I need to get back into gaming.

So, you have been able to get the mimic system to work in Logic Bricks?
Can’t wait to see it!

(theoldguy) #24

Yeah, even got it to switch leaders. But only with Cubes. As soon as I add armatures, mesh, and actions, It all goes to hell. My Python simply isn’t good enough yet.
If I had an idea for a game that people might like. (not likely) I would absolutely hire a programmer.

I don’t think It will be anything you can use. I try tp keep everything simple. I just make games for kids, not to sell or anything. Your game looks super complicated.

Looking at the first 10 min of your video. (1.9 gig DL and 3 hr video is a bit much for me)

it looks like you could simply vertex parent the camera to the player, as he only moves right and left. up and down. Then to get the aiming thing working, create a camera state with logic bricks. Say state 2, on state 2 use a mouse movement True sensor, and a camera look actuator. Now you can limit the cam angles. Too easy right?

I threw together a quick 2.5D setup to test it, and it works fine. In my setup the player can also move north and south, a short distance. Like “Little Big Planet” Invisible walls stop the player from going any further.

(Camos1011) #25

I might be able to use it.
I’m not using everything in these projects I uploaded.
Just elements here and there.

That looks like an awesome set up.
Could I have the . blend?
I’m not not really good at Python or Logic Bricks (yet) very much but, I am alright at tweaking projects I have and turn it into something else.
I guess you could say I’m a better modder than anything.

I added multiple lines of code and new logic bricks once I know what does what.

(theoldguy) #26

Sure, but it’s a mess. I just threw it together, quickly. There is a LOT wrong with it. It isn’t really a game, it’s not finished. I haven’t finished gathering animations, the ones that are there are not good. The movement is clunky. There are textures and assets that I didn’t get permission to use. I just placed them there for now with plans to make my own, ( if I decide to make a game from it) Don’t want to get sued. LOL. I’ll remove those.

So you can’t share it with anyone.

I’ll need a game you’re working on . . or . . . finished, in return, finished or not. Bugs and all. I know you have some, everyone does, or should. I won’t share it.

I’ll PM a link to you some time this week. we’ll make a trade.:slight_smile:

Do you need any rigged charactors? I can whip up a couple if you want.

Oh wow, that’s a pretty big game you 're working on.

(Camos1011) #27

Not quite sure why you’d need a project of mine but, whatever.
2.5d camera3 final dae v2.blend (804.3 KB)

Sure, I won’t share the project.

Nope, don’t need any rigs.
I’m insane at animation.
I majored in Animation and video editing in college.

This is an early version of the main character for my game.
The final models still looks similar (if not better) to the their hi-poly counterparts and share textures but, they are very low poly now from hundreds of thousands of polys to under 10,000 now.
I’m using texture and alpha cheats.

I will also use a Chromatic Aberration script (like I did here) to blend edges for realism.
It’s been working nicely.

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So, how are you hanging in there, Mr. Daedalus_MDW?

(Daedalus_MDW) #29

its been a really busy weekend, but i managed to experiment with a few things. none of which really worked that well. i still havent looked at those blends you posted. i should have time tonight.

im still planning on adding more camera presets to more closely match nier automa. conceptually all easy things. top down, specific target, etc.

it seems the depth cursor isnt going to blend with the mostly 2d styles. ill make it static screen space.

(Camos1011) #30

Oh! That’s cool. Take care of that first by all means.

I thought you exploded from the difficulty of my project. XD
I wish you the best with being busy.

Take your time, you’ve got your own life and I respect that.
Take as much time as you need.

Just don’t explode into ity bitty pieces though…

(Daedalus_MDW) #31

it takes alot more than this to make me explode, i dream in code :grin:

EDIT: small update. added a few new camera modes. im currently messing around with the targeting.
2.5d camera3 final.blend (811.0 KB)

(theoldguy) #32

Wait till you start animating in the BGE, that’ll be fun. I think the action actuators have been broken since 2.62. I used logic brick states for animations.
I struggle with animating, that’s why I’m editing mo-caps. Blender can’t handle too many of them. so I need to clean them up, crop them, Then get them to work. I’m also making char,and anim, for my UE4 projects.

I’ll send that blend as soon as I can. But it’s nothing like what your trying to do. I thought you were doing a 2.5D side scroller. Confused, I am. LOL

I’m going to clean up that blend. I can’t let anyone see it the way it is.

(Camos1011) #33

So, are you finished with this or is there more to come?

(Daedalus_MDW) #34

much more, i just created a class based version which should nicely house any ai follower code.

the new version also includes joystick and gamepad support, along with use of character wrapper features.

will upload after a final bug sweep.
EDIT: still working on the aiming, but now it should be easier than ever to have custom aiming behavior depending on the camera type.
2.5d camera3 final.blend (873.0 KB)

here are my thoughts:

  • top down should not have bi-chording (faster when going at 45 deg)
  • side scroller could benefit from bi-chording to keep a consistent scroll speed
  • combat arenas should have a more classic tps camera (like nier automa i think had)
  • side scroller should have auto depth aiming. if mouse over enemy, shoot at enemy, regardless where. else, shoot aligned to camera axis.
  • should side scroller even have depth?

whats taking so long (other then busy-ness) is trying to figure out a good gameplay style, and in turn, allowing me to create efficient, organized code. knowing that certain things should NEVER happen is equally important as to what SHOULD happen. let me know how im doing!

(Camos1011) #35

Oh, I’m not worried about how long you’re taking with this.
I am thoroughly impressed!
Thank you so much for helping me out as much as you have.
It’s above and beyond anything I expected.

I was just wondering how much more that you have to add because, I didn’t want to begin working on an older project (for the actual game) for the next project (like this one) to be a million times better and have to transfer what I did to the new project xD

I will definitely keep you posted on your progress.
I might add a few things here and there too if I can.
I don’t wanna seem too useless xD

(Camos1011) #36

What happened to the player facing where the crosshair goes?
I liked that.
I also tried adding bullets but, couldn’t get it to work.
2.5d camera3 final-1.blend (833.7 KB)

Oh, as for the “Should a sidescroller have depth” question, mine should because, there ill be enemies at all depths and if they are kinda far it won’t cover them.
Especially with headshots or shooting a lock or something.

I also couldn’t figure out how to hake longs shots (if possible yet).
I was playing Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks last night (after a long time) and realized that closest resembles what I wan’t for my game.

(Daedalus_MDW) #37

im re-doing the targeting since the previous version didnt properly adapt to changing cameras.

but looking at the monks game, there was no top down mode and the levels were linear in nature. no 4 way splits or forks like in your demo level.

i couldnt tell from videos, but does the long jump (or normal jump) auto lock to the far edge?

theres a custom target camera on the red(i think) controller that has an empty parented to it. it over looks the map.

(Camos1011) #38

The camera autolocks to the side I guess to see enemies on the far side, hide things and avoid clipping.
That’s what I gathered.
There is no look button outside of combat.

Shaolin Monks has all kinds of tilts, turns and many forks.
Especially The Portal and Wushi Academy(more curvy).
That very much reminds me a lot of my demo.

(Edit) That’s right.
There’s the biggest curve at The Evil Monastery.
The Pit 2 (secret level with Smoke tasks) has a Top-Down cam when you knock enemies off the bridge.
There are 60° (or so) angle tilts in other parts of the game.

My Top-Down camera is only for Catwalks but, not all the way vertical
I still want to have depth visible at this angle.
Hense, my mention of an 80° (maybe closer to 70°) tilt in the “Cameras” drawing in the earlier post above.

I really only wanted a Top-Down cam for special occasions as well.
Not really as a constant.
The most prominent camera has very little tilt and just profiles the characters.

I don’t want my game to be exactly like Nier, Jackie Chan Stuntmaster or Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks.
I seek to improve on areas that they missed or could have improved on.

(Camos1011) #39

I was also wondering if that weird zoom camera when she locks onto a target is possible in Blender.

I know how to do it but, not sure if it works.

It’s by physically moving the camera forward as you zoom out at the same speed.
I’m not sure how to add it into the camera already set up.

[EDIT] Some maps from Shaolin Monks.

(Daedalus_MDW) #40

the zoom effect in that game is dynamically changing the fov. i personally think its disorienting when they do that. i have played that series of TR games so im familiar with the camera oddities.

ive been playing lara croft: guardian of light, and i quite like the gamepad controls. right stick draws weapons and aim, right trigger fires. left sticks moves and left trigger dodges. its iso view, but adapting to other views would be easy.

i can easily add a fov setting though, but i recommend using it with care. specific cutscenes or sniper lens. i have a sniper type view in my tps template (v key) so i know it works. it will be like the zoom, a game property “FOV”, if not there, fall back to default.

ill continue to research the monks game.