How do you make a .blend play without having to download Blender?

Okay I this file I need it to be able to run without a Blender on someone else’s computer. (Please do note: NOT FINISHED) Reason why I want this is so I can show some of my friends, feel free to use if you want.

Back to what I need, Just tell me how please. (In full detail just not overly detailed)

Again, Textures are Google Images and edited by me. If you use anything in here plz do give me credit.

My head will :spin: if I try this on my own.

What I do is make an exe runtime called “runit.exe” or something like that.
That exe is a game engine run-time that has 3 logic bricks:
Always -> And -> start game from file.
Then it uses the file “blend.blend”

All you have to do then is stick your blender file in that folder, rename it blend.blend, and run the exe.
Want to run another blend? simple, remove the old one, and stick in and rename a new one.

Oh, btw have you considered portable blender for a flash-drive? It’s how I do things, because I always have my flash drive in my wallet, and my wallet is always in my pocket. (gosh, that makes me sound like I’m a geek, wait, I am?!)

Okay I’m doing what you said too do right now…

Just making sure: I create an empty and do Always -> And -> start game from file. then save as blend.blend?

And that will make everything work?

As for the flash drive, eh I got something even better. Its called an MP3 Perk one Music, Perk two Flash drive.

Oh and forgot to ask, will this make it an auto-run?

Don’t save the always->And->start game from file as blend.blend
rather put “blend.blend” into the value for the start game from file.

Doing this does nothing special until you export it as a runtime .exe
Then you can use the exe to start any blend file (just rename to blend.blend and run the exe)

Or, just export the whole game as a runtime, that’s much easier (but then you can only do that single blend)

okay I think I got it now, thanks.