How do you make a Heath Pack?!

I making a game in which the pacman character goes around and shoots at blocks (I’m changing that to ghosts soon enough though) and I got the ammo part down, but I’m trying to add Health Packs, and I’ve almost twisted my brain in a million ways trying to figure out how to do it

This is the physics sensors and stuff for the character’s collision with the Health Pack.

This is the Health Pack’s settings itself.

I’ve done everything this tutorial says and it’s not effecting this character’s Health Bar when he takes damage from the purple blocked enemies. I need some series help here, PLEASE!!!

Usually when you collide with the health pack:

  • remove the health pack
  • add health to … the character (or whatever you want to heal)

when you change health (regardless if you do this by health pack or not - you notify your displays (Health bar, status display …) that is is updated and should refresh.
The notified views should grab the new value and show it. See BGE Guide to Messages incl. Healthbar tutorial

Your screenshot show you measure the collision twice, but why should you heal the health pack?

Well, I think you meant health pack, but the heading shows that you are talking about an unfarmed farmland:D

This is Hango Kuhai, sorry, my other account isn’t working and for some dumb @$$ reason, I can’t log into it even though I know for a fact I put my stuff in right, so I made a different account just now.


That’s what I’m aiming for. I’ve made it so the object ends (disappears) when the character makers contact with it, and I’ve made a green Health Bar that is programmed to take damage once contact has been made from the enemies, and once the bar goes all the way down, the game is programmed to quit. but when I made the Health Pack, and added a collision sensor and a property sensor connected to an and controller, and the and controller connected to an end object actuator, and a property actuator.

Both properties are set to "Health, and assigned to add 20 more the the 100 frame animation of the Health Bar. But when I make contact with the Pack, nothing happens, it just disappears and that’s it.

Please show me how. In my pictures, I tried my best to apply the same effects as the enemy to the Health Pack, but nothing happens. I’ll tell ya what, I’m gonna upload the .blend file as soon as this new account allows me to upload attachments , and maybe you can see what the issue is. If I have to use Python I will.

I got confused and thought that the increase value has to be applied to the Health pack as well as the character. It was my last ditch effort to see if it’s work

My goal is to create a game that spawns the enemies, a big fat maze thing, you play as Pacman shooting ghosts and stuff, throwing bombs, and if I can get this stuff programmed, then all I gotta d from there is duplicate the necessary objects around the maps/

Please help me!

Sorry about that, but unfortunately, I can’t change that.