How do you make a linked collection local (blenderkit)?

I downloaded an object from BlenderKit. I want to make changes to the material and I need to see the UVs for what I am planning to do. So I would like to make the material local so I can change it and make the object/mesh local so I can go into edit mode and actually see the UVs.

I have one by one right clicked on everything in the outliner that I can find and used Make Local or ID Data > Make Local.

I still cannot enter edit mode on any mesh or curve related to this imported object.

Unable to execute ‘Toggle Editmode’, error changing modes

(more ranting about blenderkit)
I’m working on some very old/weak laptops that are running out of Hard Drive space so I’m only doing very small relatively low poly scenes. A tiny lollipop that’s like 50mb is overkill. It’s a background element anyway so I don’t really care what it looks like. I wish I could sort search results by file size.

There’s a 50mb lollipop and a 5mb lollipop. I strongly prefer searching the website over the addon UI in Blender. But I cannot simply copy the ID from the web page and search for it in Blender and get the EXACT same 1 object found. This is annoying. The “Get this material” link sends you to a page about how to get the blenderkit addon, not how to quickly get this specific material into blender.

In a hypothetical case where a very generic term brings up a dozen similar objects, it would be nice to be able to see either the file size or the name of the author very clearly. “Bucket by John Doe” vs “Bucket by Emily Clarke”. It would help me more quickly pick the one I remember seeing on the website.

I wish the URL of author pages on the website had their name in the url instead of a random number…

It would be very nice if materials were clearly identified as being image based or native procedural blender material nodes.

More often than not it helps to have more than one screenshot of an asset to help decide if you really want it. Tired of waiting for 100+ megabytes to download just to find out I don’t want that particular asset for reason that might have been apparent in a 2nd screenshot.

Sometimes an asset will have really useful or interesting extra qualities about it like a couch coming with several alternative color materials or a material that won’t render with GPU acceleration. It would help a lot of asset authors were allowed to put a useful DESCRIPTION/README/HOW-TO with the asset to tell you these things. EDIT it seem some of them do have descriptions but I’ve yet to see one more than a few words long.

There are many assets I’d like to use later but not at the moment. I wish I could “like” them or save them to some kind of collection.

Because these are all blender-specific assets, I don’t understand why so many of them are so unnecessarily high-poly! I wish they would encourage (or educate) asset creators to actually use Blender features their full potential to keep file sizes down: shared mesh data, array modifier, dupli-verts, collection instances, subdiv modifier, mirror modifier, etc.

For people who want to post full scenes, for example a bedroom scene, they should not upload full 500+ megabyte scene files. They should extract the items (bed, bench, night stand, lamps, rug, curtains) to separate blender files. In the main scene file they can leave the walls, lights, and textures and also Empty locators to represent the location of the various items that belong in that scene that are available from their profile on Blenderkit. Perhaps Blenderkit addon could have a feature where it recognizes special Empty locators and gives the user the option to auto-download the specific asset that is meant to replace that locator.