how do you make a "man candy" rig?

just wondering how do you make a “man candy” rig? and ive notice that some how they changed the bones to look like differnt things like squares and such does any one know how to do this? p.s. sorry if this is in the wrong thread?

You are in the wrong place, but

or a simple forum search for custom bones or bone shapes should find enough to get you started. I included a link that explains it pretty simply.


JOSIAH3000, I was beginning to think there was something wrong with your mouse, that you couldn’t scroll past News and Discussion to get to the appropriate forum. But I see you have started threads in the correct forums before, so I guess you are aware that News and Discussion is not the only forum around here. You seem to be getting into the habit of using the wrong forum for your threads. Do everyone, including yourself, a favor, and spend a couple seconds thinking about what you are going to post about before you hit the New Thread button. Thanks.