How do you make a real candy cane (with ONE stripe)?

Sorry for not getting back, but I ended up watching Narcos and I couldn’t get out of it :smiley: But Secrop got the idea and presented nodes pretty much as I had imagined - my own wouldn’t differ by much.

I have nod idea what Octane can do, but initially wasn’t mentioned and Cycles show up as renderer of choice in you screenshot.

Another approach might be to simply skew the UVs - unwrap to a rectangular grid as you would a cylinder, although sounds like more work. Approach used depends on renderer I guess, adding work into UVs or nodes, or by adding geometry.

Thank you Secrop, I’ll give it a try.

Haha yeah, Netflix is the root of all evil. But again, thank you for your time!

Yes, I should’ve mentioned Octane; I just didn’t think it would be relevant - I thought I had just missed a modifier, or something…