How do you make a round spiral heating vent with a joint?

Thanks, I suppose you use the screw modifier somehow.

show some pic of what you want !

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I don’t like copying images off the internet but here is a web link. Thanks for your reply. It is a google images site RickyBlender. When I say joint, I mean the spiral joint along the vent duct.

can you pick one image and give the link

what kind of joint a T or an elbow

you have to be very specific to get help here!

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Hey that is the seam. You can do it 2 ways - mesh with an ‘array’ modifier or a BezierCurve with a ‘Bevel Object’ and ‘array’ modifier. The first is a little more simple.

ajcdfin, yes the seam that holds the length of swirl or spiral together. The bump you see in the pictures. Ricky blender, sorry I don’t have a picture. Do you know what I mean. If someone could give me a more detailed description of how to do this that would be great. Both a straight section of pipe and also a 90. Thanks.

Here is what I have so far. I used connected proportional editing and connected falloff. I subdivided one edge as a marker and pulled one edge up halfway and then selected the other edge and pulled it down halfway. I started off by doing an edge split. How do I extrude a circle along the edge to make the seam? Do I need to convert a path and use a bezier circle as the profile. Any suggestions are appreciated. Once I have done that an array modifier of course. And perhaps a curve modifier for the circle profile to be extruded along the path. Then I have to figure out how to make the 90. Thanks


Here is my spiral b4 array. To extrude the circle along the path I used 1DScripts extrude along path. I had some problems that may have had something to do with scale and rotation.


Here is a picture of my heating duct. I tried to use the curve modifier to make my seam but could not get it to work. What are the steps you need to take to get it to work? Thanks


use then screw modifier
should be easy to do it !

try this one

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screw-pipe1.blend (3.94 MB)

What is the best way to square off the ends of this vent pipe.


apply modifier then have to manually edit the ends

or use bisect tool to cut it !

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Thanks for your help with this RickyBlender.

no problems
have fun with pipes in blender

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