how do you make a simple tree?

so iwe ben working a bit on a game but it doesnt look good without trees. i try to model one from a 7 polygon circle but the results doesnt look good. i have never tryed to model a tree be4 but after a year with blender its about time. remember i’m trying to make a tree for a game and there will probably be allot of them so i want it low polly. i aslo don’t know how to make alpha textures and i don’t use gimp or photoshop or any other drawing programs. i don’t want a tree generator i want a simple tutorial on how to make a tree. i know allot about blender so i don’t need a tutorial that tells me how to do everything. like how to extrude and remove doubles and stuff. but any tutorial would be helpfull.

any help would be… helpfull!

lol! long text for a simple thing…

How much do u want the vert count to be?

well about 30-60 would be ok i guess… isn’t that best for a game where theres gonna be allot of trees???

make the trees branches with triangles and use a tree texture

Working with textures in inevitable in a game, otherwise the model will look like crap. Try importing a couple of tree models from other games into Blender to get the idea of how they do this.

You can create the leaves with multiple alpha planes with a leaf texture slapped on them (it’s much easier and more poly efficient than creating the actual shape of the leaf)

Well i think you should start with an 8 vertice circle then extrude it twice up then start extruding up and make it into the shape of an oval.The merge at the top.Here is a screen shot:

I think you should be more worried about the texturing than the modelling.

haha… i think you misunderstood me. i know how to do that track wreka. i’m thinking more advanced. i have ben working a year in blender i know how to make a wase like model. there you can se all of my renders. I was asking how to aproch tree modeling and was very much hoping to se a normal tutorial or idealy a video tutorial. but tnx for all the feedback! i know how to uv map textures… wen i get online on my other computer il post the blend on game engine in this forum. If i get my hands on a tutorial on how to create a tree in game engine that would be great!

how I model trees:

add a 6-vert circle.
extrude the circle.
extude but don’t move and merge.
move the merge point up a bit.
extrude region on the tris at the top.
repeat extrude and rotate to get a tree-ish shape.

add two planes at same position but perpandicular.
place this where the leaves should be.
give them a leaf texture.