how do you make a window like glass

i have amde a car and i want it to have a windows like it should and i dunno how to do it can some one help me

i got the car all in one mesh so how do i do it plz help

You give the glass areas a seperate Material:

For the glass material drop the Alpha in F5 Material tab to 0.00, give it a Hard Spec value. In Mirror Transp tab turn on RayMirror and give it a Value of 0.35, IOR of 1.50, Freznel 0.1 and turn on RayTransp. Goto F10 and turn on Ray in the Render tab. After that you can come back and tweak the values and set the Depths and Fac settings depending on your test renders.


Smane Hack, seriously.

How can you model a car but not know how to create the glass effect? It’s really ironic! and not fair T.T

I’d trade my knowledge of glass stuff for your knowledge of modeling cars :smiley:


Newbee question :

What is the Fac setting ?


You should be able to find that in the documentation.

I found it after changing from Yafray to Blender internal.