How do you make ACNE?


I’ve been trying to create a skin texture for a head model from scratch because the reference images I used was too crappy for that. The pictures get too pixellated even at lower resolution so I can’t use anything else but the general skin tone from those.

I think I’ve managed to recreate a decent skin, but the model I’m doing has quite a bit of acne around the mouth and on the nose.

Instead of “photohopping” the acne away and remaking the model into a magazine type model thing, I would like to recreate the acne and go for full photo realism.

Do you have any tips and tricks for recreating acne from a base skin texture?

Well you’d want the texture to influence the normals as well so it has a slight bump to it. If youre losing detail in the face then you may want to scale the UVs for the face area since its the main of focus. I would be interested in seeing how you execute that idea.

Thank you.

I should maybe add to the OP that I’ve used a couple of tutorials to create the base skin texture. First I used this one:

Since that’s for Blender 2.4, it’s a bit dated, but the info about the photoshop work is still valid. I ended up with a texture that was fairly uniform.

For more current work in Blender, I used this one:

I think those are pretty amazing tutorials, and I learned a lot.

My instinct was at first to just “blemish” the skin with dots in the textures, but realistic acne is quite shiny and oily, and sort of angry red. And it’s of course bumped, as you point out.