How do you make bark?

How do you make bark? Do you have to model each individual chunk, or something? (like on Treebeard’s face in LotR)

Ty :slight_smile:

To model the bark would be too high poly, so Don’t model all the details, but just the main ones. I would think, you’d want to be pretty exacting as to how the bark texture was laid out, especially on the face, so I would recomend UV mapping, and using the texture paint tool to paint your base texture, which you could keep fairly simple, and once having done that, save the painted image, touch it up a bit in a paint program, and then once loaded, add a couple of more texture channels, with things like clouds, or musgrave set to ‘nor’. If you have any trouble with these concepts, you can check out my UV mapping tuts ( in my sig ) and also search for an LSCM tutorial which is around here somewhere, also relating to UV mapping. There is a really excellent thread somewhere about material properties that might be helpful too, but I don’t think there is a link to it on the front page anymore, so you mat have to ask z3roD who I believe is the author of that thread. Good luck with your tree.