How do you make Blender's wireframe useful ?

We are not talking about the edit mode’s wireframe which is useful because you cannot see the back of the wireframe.

While object mode and I go into wireframe view, I can see the front AND back of the mesh’s wire rendering it completely worthless to me.

Is there a way to get the “Edit Mode” look while in Object mode ?
Meaning Wires on top of shaded surface.
This is useful because you can see it for ALL objects in the scene as well, not just what is in edit mode.

there is “Draw all edges” and “Wire” options in objects property display tab.

Sorry would you mind a screenshot ?

please dont mind the reprogrammed UI bits.

Thank you Daedalus_MDW, the wire checkbox works, the “draw all edges” seems to do nothing.

create a plane, subdivide it. then try the draw all edges :wink:

Eyes Opened Daedalus_MDW ! Thank you !