How do you make childs objets from a parent objet???

Hello everybody!

I am beginner in Blender and I’d like to know how do you make various “childs” objets 3D from a “parent” objet to be edited more easily when they all are more near in in “layout”. Or tell me any tutorial which shows me how to make it, becouse in don’t know to do this “thing”, sorry.

I dislike see all objets so, and I dontk know how do I put all beinfg part of a “parent” objet.


I think you are looking to group things. Parenting means something completely different. If your only problem is that you don’t like the clutter, the overview has a filter setting or you can group objects on different layers by selecting them all and pressing the number of the layer you want to move them to. Make sure to use the numbers above the letters on the keyboard and not the number pad.

Thanks for your answer BrentNewton.

No, it is not to change to other layer or a grup in diferent layers what I wouldl like to know. I like to know who do you do to create obetes onte after otheer parenting various under one. iIdont’ t kow how to do this.

Is should be something as this screnshoot from this model:

Well you can get to the parenting info for an object by clicking on the cube icon in the properties panel. You’ll see that it says parent if you click on that you can choose any object to parent to.

Thank you very much BrentNewton.

Now I understand better this question about parets and childs between objets which was very confused for me and it is more clear.

Everyhing is easy when you knows how it works, and Blender is an amazing program but has too many option, menús etc. which turn my mind a little lost sometimes.

I apreciate your help:)