How do you make coffee beans in Blender

I need help in making coffee beans in Blender. I am still a beginner, but I want to make actual coffee beans to go with the mug I made below…

How do you do that?

There are many ways. I think Sculpting would bring the best results because the amount of details you could put in. If you are not so familiar with sculpting tools, me either, build something with the Subdivision modifier. It’s quite simple. Scale it to the size, length and width, and use Loop Cuts to for example sharp the edge at the top. Subdivide the result until you get a quite fine wireframe and then use Displacment for your material. Look for a concrete or muddy ground texture set the color to BW (Black and White) and use it in your shader tab if you use Cycles. If you use Eevee, you need a BW Image which you load in your Texture Tab. Then you can use it with the Displacment modifier.

I’ve also seen people use a photo-texture of an actual bean wrapped around a simple losenge.

Really, it’s just going to depend on what you want. How much “realism” you actually need to sell the shot, vs. how much time you want to spend getting it. For instance, in a shot like you seem to be setting-up here, I’d probably be giving the beans only a passing glance. So, think about “return on investment” here. How enough is “good enough?” Your call.

Years ago, I worked on a physical photo-shoot for a piece of advertising for a coffee mill manufacturer. (Very high-end antique replicas.) We spent hours on the exact placement of “those damned beans!” :smiley: Because it really did matter.

I am making the cup go up, but when I do it, many beans fall out. What do I do to solve that problem?