How do you make computer controlled caracters?

Does anyone have any advise or know any tutorials on how to make NPCs? :confused:

Hi NPCs as far as i know mean non-playing-characters , …

do you want to make the computer make the enemy as example follow the player and attack him
there is a lot of answers to your question , …
you may search for follow path , or pathfind or path find , … to find a tutorial on how to make the enemys follow you , …scabootsca made very good one :slight_smile:

and you may search for AI too , which means arificial intelegence :slight_smile:
hope that helps

Look in the GE tutorials here, for Mmph! AI, it is very good and will get you started on your own designs.

Thanks i will look for them now

Here’s a link to Mmph’s bot template:

Or, if you’re good at programming, I would suggest you to search for AI on Google, and there there is this incredible site with loads of AI techniques, tutorials, and so on.

Thank you all for replying. This has been a great help

Hey, we try! :yes: