How do you make different soft/rigid physics for different parts of the same object?

Like for a character, I’d want their knee to be really bony (but still deform a tiny bit) but have their hands be softer. I already have the vertex groups created, but in the soft body physics “goal” there’s only one vertex group option, so I guess that’s not what I’m suppose to be using to assign different soft-body physics to different parts of a mesh?

You have to use goal.
Use weight paint to create one vertex group where full strength (red) will be driven by the animation and a strength of zero (blue) will be driven by the physics. So in the case of a character, the head, the elbows, the knees, etc. should be red or strength 1.0 and the soft parts should have values in between 1.0 and 0.
Apart from that don’t forget to set the mass of the object. You can even use a new vertex group to define different mass values for different parts of the body.

Hope it helps!

Huh, ok, one thing though…how do I weight paint a vertex group that has no bone? Every time I weight paint I click on the bone, then the mesh, then go into weight paint mode. But if there’s no bone there’s nothing to click on.

Huh ? There is no need to have a bone to click on to enter weight paint mode. Just select your object, enter weight paint mode like you would do with object or edit mode, select your vertex group and paint.

Thanks for the help then. But wow soft body doesn’t do anything for skin, even stuff at 1.0 weight jiggles a lot, I really don’t want an entire thing to jiggle for 50 seconds like jello, I more just want like someone’s skin to deform when something presses against it