How do you make eye lashes?

I’m working with a makehuman model, and I see that it has eyelashes. I have an I idea on what I’m suppose to do, correct me if I’m wrong, but eye lashes are painted on right? So how do you do that? (I’m going for a 3D fighter look, like Tekken 5)

so, this is for GE? i think makehuman is kinda high poly for that. also, eyelashes are probably more detail than you need in a game.

I’m going for a 3D fighter look, like Tekken 5

um… i did a quick search, and i finally found a in game picture where you can actually SEE the eyes clearly, and they don’t have eyelashes. most of the time you can’t even see.
just a texture would be fine, if anything.

do a search for painting using the alpha layer. You paint the lashes on planes. The lashes will be visible and then using the alpha layer you will make the rest of the plane see through.

That’s what I’m going for, a texture. So how would I begin to make a texture and apply it? Do I apply it like how jessegp was saying?

( I’m a real newbie here, the only thing I know how to do is model.)