How do you make games?

How do you make games using blender? i just don’t get how. Please help

okay, I will try to make this not too involved of a post

but first, I must get something out of the way

it isn’t easy to create a good game in blender (or in any other application or set of applications)

second, don’t “bite off more than you can chew,” play with more simple things first, more complex things later

okay, for the game engine you pretty much have to know these things (good idea to learn them in this order too):

  • how to use blender
  • how to make reasonable models
  • how to uv map (and optionally vertex paint/light them)
  • how logicbricks work
  • and for complex things: python (programming language) and how it interacts with the game engine

as for tutorials for the first 3, check the sticky threads

the gamekit is pretty good about logicbricks, but there is some documentation (for all mannner of blender things) at:

which I would suggest you go through

also, look at the sticky threads in the blender game engine forum, there are a bunch of good tutorials there.

As for learning python, things depend
if you know c or c++ or java (javascript doesn’t count) you could probably learn python from the tutorial on in a week. There are good books on the topic too, but as I have not read any I can’t reccomend any

for learning the api, I guess the best I can suggest is the documentation linked to on that link I gave you, or the docstrings I gathered from blender 2.23. Things have changed, but it is a start.

gameengine related stuff is at the end

the blender gamekit has some more up to date python for the game engine, but is kind of disappointing in the lack of description of the python scripts in the example .blend files