How do you make rust in GIMP?

I have been using gimp for about 2 months and seem to be making good progress with it. I know how to navigate the interface, have a good understanding of most of the filters, and have most if not all the available plugins from the internet.

What I would like to learn is how to create realistic rusty, old metal textures in gimp so that I can create usuable maps for my game models in blender.

Thanks in advance!

Go out into the world with a digital camera and photograph rusty objects, preferably on an overcast day with even lighting. Take your photos into GIMP, select the rust, copy into your texture map. Tweak the colors as necessary.

To take a different approach than Jeremy, you can do it like I do. I have a redish brownish background color, then I make a layer mask, and I lightly paint over it so that the rust color shows through a little, like this.


This tutorial works well.

Thanks guys, this is great! Just what I was looking for.

Jeremy: I’ll try that out. I guess you make it tileable so that will be a great idea for making walls and stuff.

Keith: I really like the texture on that object. How did you get the scratchy look? I guessing you used Jeremy’s method for that? Well anyways, this would be great for mapping my blender models!

Waternz: I’ll check the website out soon. Thanks! Edit: Looks great! Thanks again!

Thanks again!

In my little experience in gimp, you can use photographs for the most realistic textures or parts of them.

If you want to create effects like metal, rushed, etc, The most used filters are plasma, clouds or noise… you then add a bump effect or light effect(with bump) and the effect is there. The trick is in the subtlety and modifyng with care. Other filters for more wooden like, are displace or directional blur.