How do you make spheres without sky rocketing polys/faces?

How do you make a descent sphere/sphereoid/circular/rounded object without incurring massive poly counts. I want to start building low poly models, but how do you do that with models with lots of rounded areas?

How do you create windows/ports/openings in model without using a bunch of loop cuts to shape it out?

I like to aircrafts…they dont have a lot flat faces.

Well, it’s a balancing act. There are tricks you can do to make a model appear more rounded or smooth (smooth shading [obviously], less specular, etc), but to make the geometry itself smoother or rounded you will need more loop cuts, essentially. You have to decide what is “smooth enough” and what is “too many polys” and then tweak other settings to create the illusion of roundness or smoothness.

Smooth shading? Hmm, I’ll need to look into that. Is it a feature in Blender, or a technique I’d have to perform? less specular makes sense…I guess its like black being slimming. But what would the “etc” be?

in the 3D view, in object mode, select the sphere, press T to open the panel on the left, then click the set smooth button.

That will smooth it out without adding loops or polys? Will other programs like BIS’s Oxygen2 be able to use smooth models made this way in Blender, or will it see it blocky?

To be clear, it won’t actually change the geometry of your model, just smooth the shading normals. This is how games achieve a smooth look with limited polygons. I have no idea what Oxygen2 is, but nearly every 3D package has an option to view smooth shading. There is no way to get a truly smooth object without subdivision surfaces or tessellation. Subdiv is not low poly by definition, and tessellation is just getting up on its legs in real time engines, and requires a DirectX 11 GPU. Otherwise, all mesh-based objects are just a series of flat faces, so there is no such thing as truly smooth.

Ok, thanks for clarifying that. It probably wont port over to Oxygen2 (its the 3D modeler for Bohemia Interactive…maker of combat sims). But then I can likely soomth the base mesh once I get it over there.

Its not a matter of porting. It is an algorithm used to give the illusion of a smooth surface. All rendering/gaming engines will have the feature, they just may not use the same algorithm.

That makes sense, good to know, thanks.