how do you make stone walls?

Hello, I’m kind of new at working on Blender, I was wondering if there are any tools of tutorials about making stone walls?I’m working on a game project. So if anyone know if there are any please let me know, and have a great day!!!

There is a Building Objects addon you can download in the script bundle that contains the Wall Factory addon

You can sculpt oneand then retopologise to a lower res version and bake a normal map to keep your high res details

Thank you but I got another question, How do you get blender to recognize the new addons_contrib file I added to it?

Go to User Preferences/Add-ons and on the left, on top, you’ll see the categories–Official, Community, and Testing. Hold Shift and highlight Official and Community then go down and click on Disabled. Then you’ll see all the add-ons that aren’t enabled yet. Also, make sure you drop the add-ons_contrib folder, in the scripts folder.

Good tip this, thank you!