How do you make the N pull-out transparent?

Hi, i’ve used every keyword i can think of, but can’t find the right combination to find info on how you make the N pull-out properties transparent/opaque. I also tweaked every color and alpha setting in Preferences, to no avail. This is taking too much time. Does anyone here know how to change this GUI tweak. Is it a py script i need to install? Thanks to whoever knows the answer…


User Preferences / System, enable ‘Region Overlap’
User Preferences / Themes / 3D View, change the colour and alpha of Theme Space Settings / Region Background

If the checkbox that Richard mentioned does not work, your video card may not support this. Triple buffer has to be an option in the window draw method. Overlap will never allow transparency. Auto will pick automatically and supposedly the best for your card… HTH.

Awesome, that did it. Much thanks guys!!

P.S. Mods, please forgive about cross-posting; didn’t realize. Will slow down and look both ways next time :slight_smile: Great forum btw, fun too.