How do you make trees look drawn when they're 3D?

I’m trying to pull off trees that look like theses:

Has anyone here ever done tree’s like this?

I’m wondering if it will be easier to make them 2d. Although That won’t work well for what I’m doing. (Video)

Although the video they will be in has the camera fixed and switching from place to place… But it would be a huge pain if I have to adjust everything for every shot.

And there’s always as a chance I’ll have the camera move.

Any thoughts?

How about a 2d simple texture with alpha channel applied to a plane and toon render setting in blender? You can then scattter the trees as much as you like. Have each plane track to the cam so they are always facing it. Its a trick that might work but it depends on the camera shot itself whether you get away with it or not.

you mean like this?

Seventh, Thanks, I’ll give that a try.

2ner, Woah not quite what I was looking for. More of a trees in the Back Ground.

Not amazing stuff really. :slight_smile: