How do you make your textures?


I’m still somewhat of a beginner concernibng Blender and the whole 3D Art section. Till now, i managed to get most of my problems solved by try 'n error or by using google. But I’m kinda stuck around most of regarding textures.
My main problem is the creation of good looking textures in general with GIMP or the like (prefer GIMP though).
Just for instance, have a look at those models:
They look like they have been made by software. How can I achieve somethign similiar? I have found out many folks use brushes for textures they later use for let’s say foliage, but what about getting the colours decently looking?
As you see, my main problem is really the painting itself, but especially for GIMP I’m having quite a hard time to come by since most guides are for PS. Do you guys know any introduction which could lead me in the right direction?

Last but not least:
Do you create your scenes using selfmade textures or do you make use of ones found on the internet from sites like (cg)

PS: Sorry if my text is a little confusing, but it’s pretty late :slight_smile:
PPS: I have already seen Andrew’s video about realistic texturing in blender, just for the case that someone misunderstood me! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Getting convincing textures really depends on your goals.

If you are looking for photorealism, texture websites with photo textures are your best bet. You can take photos yourself, but getting even lighting and proper colors takes work and research. Here’s a good free resource ( )

If you are trying for a video-game look then hand painting is the way to go. Most of the most graphically impressive video games use hand painted textures (like Uncharted). It’s usually done in 2D after the UVs have been unwrapped, but blender has some pretty great texture painting tools as well. Krita ( ) is my favorite tool for hand painting and the website has decent tuts. Also, this youtube tutorial demonstrates texture painting in blender very well ( )

Third, you could make procedural textures through blender itself. This is probably the easiest way, but takes the most tweaking to get right. The good thing is they are reusable from project to project so long as you keep your lighting and other settings consistent. There are tons of youtube tutorials about this of course.

There are a few books you can read about it as well. I have ‘digital texturing and painting’ by Owen Demers but I don’t actually recommend it if you are anything other than an absolute beginner.

Hope that helped! Keep blending!

I’ll probably get shot at for telling you this but there is a guy out there Alias Nobiax that has created a huge library with textures free to use and abuse.

I have learned a lot from examining his textures, bump, diffuse and height maps.

Some of them are too low to make convincing 3d images, picture perfect, most are seamless and at least you’ll have point to start from.

The link to his you tube channel is I hope it gets you started.

Nobiax I think you are awesome for starting with Blender.

Thank you