How do you merge multiple objects WITHIN ONE MESH so that they have nothing inside?

Please don’t waste people’s time by saying “Ctrl+M” and “Ctrl J,” this isn’t remotely like any of those. What I mean is this: Imagine you have two spheres and you just stick one part way inside the other. Those two shapes aren’t connected, blender still things they’re two shapes and they both have part of each other inside the other. Now, I know for a fact that it’s possible because I’ve done it before, there’s some kind of command or modifier that will merge those spheres into a SINGLE SURFACE with nothing inside, no intersection anymore and new vertices are made to treat both spheres like they’re one object that can’t be separated with L. Maybe it something to do with some boolean intersection or union modifier.
In my case, it’s not two spheres but rather a lot of extra surfaces from extruding, but I want vertices to be automatically created so there aren’t extra faces inside of each other and vertices are created where different levels are touching other faces.


Hollyhock 2.blend (989 KB)

Other than using booleans, I don’t think there’s any way other than to do it manually.

Wow that’s kind dumb that blender doesn’t have that, it’s such a simple concept, it’s basically just a modification of remove doubles.

I don’t think it’s dumb. Blender is not a CSG(constructive solid geometry) editor. A program like solidworks could easily make sense of that, but that’s because solidworks thinks of geometry as solid spaces, not simple collections of polygons. It is not “just a modification of remove doubles”. It is a modification of “find coplanar faces, then decide where to add edges to create identical coplanar faces, then delete those, and remove doubles.”

I’ve went ahead and cleaned your geometry, now I think it will be susceptible to boolean operations. I also went as far as to get rid of of that un-needed geometry, so on the second layer you’ll find a more cleaner mesh.


Im also new to Blender, but: “Ctrl” + “+”, and then apply the boolean ?

On another note: You sound a bit angry :slight_smile:

Im new to Blender myself, but: Select the two Objects => “Ctrl” + “+” => Hit apply inside the Boolean modifier. => If you hit “z”, the wireframe will reveal that they have been properly merged.
(I have the “Bool Tool” installed though, dont know if this changes anything for me.)

On another note: You sound a bit angry. I understand its frustrating when you know a certain function exists, but cant find it in a hurry.
But people are more likely to help friendly requests. :slight_smile:

Yeah I appreciate the effort but I don’t think you read through what the issue is. I’m not trying to merge separate meshes, I’m trying to make blender merge different polygons within one mesh and draw vertices automatically where vertices touch the faces of other polygons. It’s the same concept as boolean modifier but contained all within one mesh.

It’s exactly just a modification of “remove doubles.” All the program would need to do is scan for polygons that are close to each other, which remove already does, then, it would simple draw the vertices of those close shapes onto the polygons they are close to.

You mean, like this: .blend

The concept is on the right path, but there’s two things that I’m trying to do differently,

One: instead of using like 5-6 modifiers to make a sphere, you just add a regular sphere made of regular vertices from going shift+A -> mesh -> add sphere, and it had no modifiers.

Two: When two spheres are combined, there is no interesting or interior polygons within the surface of the meshes, it’s all one surface just like you’d get in a boolean modifier. The surface of one mesh would draw vertices onto the surface of another mesh in order for them to be one shape with one continuous surface. I’ll try to show you what I mean manually if you still don’t understand.

The problem in my case is I have hundreds of polygons that aren’t separate objects but simply have the vertices of one polygon touching the faces of other polygones.

What you’ve just described you can get by deleting solidify modifier on both objects(another one is on the second layer) and adding one before the last boolean operator on the main mesh. That should do the trick, or am I wrong again?

The way you’re asking Blender to function is not possible at the moment. You’ll just have to make do with what’s avalibale.

You could join the objects, then create a separate cube whose verts are outside the joined mesh. Then, on the cube, a series of subsurfs, shrinkwraps, smooths, – subsurf, shrinkwrap,smooth …ss,sw,sm… You may need a ridiculous amount of repetitions / geometry for it to work.

1 mesh with inside vertices you want removed?

object mode, shift-d, shift-click original mesh, ctrl+ union, apply. delete mesh with internal verts, done

or if your have booltool installed, in object mode:
2)shift select first mesh,

if this is not the result you are after post a blend file of object you want to fix, cheers.
#wont work on non-manifold meshes,

demo of what I mean:

cat was doing what it do, hence the duplicate coord correction in the middle.